CREATIVE ARTS MINISTRY (Group Title: Expressions!)
The Expressions! Ministry seeks to serve the Lord through various visual and
performing arts, while providing an environment for growing spiritually and
artistically. This ministry hosts or helps coordinate plays, skits, poetry / spoken
word activities, and more.

Abilities in the areas of Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Drama, Spoken
Word, Acting, Script Writing, Directing, and Production are a plus, but not
required to participate in this ministry.

Provides behind-the-scene support for various events and functions hosted by or held at the church. This includes decorating for holidays, weddings, banquets and other special occasions; wedding coordination and assisting with event logistics.

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, brunches large and small…..we cater them all!! This ministry prepares and serves food for events hosted by the church.  On some occasions, this ministry caters formal events, as well as buffets and "take-out" style events and extra hands are always needed.

While talented cooks are a plus, the ministry does not stop there as  waiters, waitresses, hosts, hostesses and clean-up crew are also a vital part of this group. And it's always "service with a smile!"

Special Note: Until the completion of our dining area, this ministry would assist as needed with other events and activities wherein food service is required.

The Healthcare Professionals are responsible for assisting the Pastor and
caring for anyone in the congregation who may need medical assistance.

Individuals working in this ministry must be 16 years of age and older with
a willing heart to serve in various capacities within the ministry; and an interest
in health and wellness promotion.

Medical experience is a plus, but is not required as this ministry provides a variety of services, including those non-medical related.  Click Here to visit the ministry's page.

"We Meet, Greet and Welcome in the Spirit of Love"

During worship services and special events, this group warmly welcomes all who enter our church. They provide visitors Welcome Packets, ensure first time guests are made aware of the restrooms and water fountain locations, and answer questions to help our guest feel at ease and welcome.

This group also serves refreshments to first time guests that gather in the Jehovah Java area to
meet the Senior Pastor and First Lady.
Our ministries are collectively called "CHANGE Ministries" and we consider all involved as 'Agents of Change' in the Kingdom of God. Because we are
God's Change Agents, we request that all persons participating in these ministries to be consistent in church attendance, have a heart to help others, be flexible to support in various capacities, be faithful stewarts and be willing to share knowledge to enhance the ministry and promote the Kingdom of God.

If you have an interest in participating in one or more of these ministries, please complete the "Ministry Interest" form.



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MEDIA MINISTRY (Sound, Video and Lighting)
This ministry is responsible for the operation and functions of the sound, video and lighting for all church services and events.
They provide and manage audio for all worship services, evening Bible Study, concerts and other special events held at or hosted by the church. Additionally, they video record and provide lighting for worship services, concerts/special events, and activities,
as needed.

The team also provides CDs and DVDs available for purchase and manage the sales area at the conclusion of each event and worship service.

MEN’S MINISTRY (Group Title: "Real Men Worship")
"Real Men Worship" Men's Ministry is open to and inclusive of all male individuals in the church.
It supports the plans, ideas and vision of the Pastor by promoting a spirit of unity, fellowship and goodwill in the body of Christ with a specific focus on implementing activities that meet the spiritual and natural needs of the males.

The ministry hosts regular events and activities, and partners with other ministries to maintain order and ensure smooth flow at their events and activities. Men's Prayer is every Saturday at 8:00am.  Pictured: Men's Ministry Leadership Team.

The purpose of this group is to minister in music and dance at worship services and other special activities, including accompanying the Pastor when needed. This ministry includes the Mass Choir, Praise Team, Instruments, and Sacred Arts Dance Ministry.

All persons working in this ministry must be consistent in church attendance and giving; should have a special dedication towards the spiritual inspiration and uplifting of the people of God through music.  Rehearsals are held Thursdays at 7:00pm.

OUTREACH MINISTRY (Group Title: "Outreach for CHANGE")
This ministry assists with accomplishing and achieving specified ministry goals and objectives which include canvassing local communities to share information about our church and events. It also includes participation in a prison ministry, inmate pen-pal program, a skid row ministry, and other areas pertaining to reaching people whose personal situations are in need of spiritual direction.

This ministry is open to all who have a heart's desire to reach others for Christ and share His love.

REACH TEAM (Elders and Ministers)
The purpose of this ministry is to assist the Pastor in accomplishing and achieving specified goals and objectives "for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ" (Eph 4:12).

They have the responsibility of making sure the services of the Lord are orderly and that souls who come to God are ministered to effectively. They assist the Senior Pastor in feeding souls by the Word of God through preaching, teaching, caring, sharing, praying, and loving.

All persons working in this ministry are appointed by the Senior Pastor. They must have a consistent prayer life, must fast on a regular basis, must recognize spiritual authority, must be consecrated and dedicated, and must have a love for souls.

The purpose of this group is to visually bring the Word and music of God to life! Segmented into three age categories ["Spontaneous Praise" (children), "See His Glory" (teen to young adult), and "Seasons" (adult)] this group utilizes dance, flags, streamers and banners to minister during worship services and special events, accompanys the Senior Pastor to speaking engagements, hosts recitals, participates in community events, and partners with other churches and ministries throughout the year.

All persons participating in this ministry should have a special dedication towards the spiritual inspiration and uplifting of the people of God through dance and use of flags, banners and streamers.  Rehearsals are Thursdays at 7:00pm at our church and 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:00pm at a professional dance studio. (NOTE: A professional dance studio will be a part of future renovations; allowing all rehearsals to occur at our church.)

This ministry helps maintain a spiritual awareness in the house of God by providing logistical support and guidance to help minimize distractions during worship services and events. They also provide materials needed for worship services, Bible study, meetings, and various events hosted by the church.  Their goal is to make everyone feel welcome at the Home Assembly church by offering a warm and hospitable reception as they enter an event.

Those serving in this ministry must be dependable, consistent in church attendance and giving, should love working with people, and have a desire to keep peaceful order in God's house.

The Transportation Ministry provides transportation to and from our church services, and some events and activities. Friendly, courteous drivers are needed to serve the membership and guests with a smile!!

All individuals working in this ministry be 18 years or older, have a valid license (California Class "B" or "C" to operate the 21-passenger bus), must maintain a valid DMV Medical Card, and must be willing to submit to random drug and alcohol screenings as mandated by the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Women's Ministry supports the plans, ideas and vision of the ministry by promoting a spirit of unity, fellowship and goodwill in the body of Christ. Although supporting our church-wide mission, this ministry also focuses on implementing activities that meet the spiritual and natural needs of women.

This ministry is open to all females in the congregation. Pictured: Women's Ministry Leadership Team

The purpose is to spiritually empower children, pre-teens, teens and young adults to become strong leaders and members of the church and community through peer-to-peer ministering, spiritual think tanks, interactive Bible instruction, small group study, philanthropy, creative arts events, and other programs to help build a strong foundation for their future.

Ministry participation is segmented into four categories: Alpha (K-5th Grade), GeneratioNext (Jr. High and High), and
LIT: Leaders in Training (College to Age 36).

Every Friday and Saturday preceeding 4th Sunday, and every 4th Sunday is dedicated to Youth and Young Adult events, activities and ministry-wide participation. Click Here to visit the ministry's page.

For the safety of our children, those working with youth ages 17 years and younger must be willing to submit to a background check.
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Health Care
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